We do what we love, we love what we do

We're Noble

Noble was founded in the early summer of 2012 by a close-knit team of co-workers who shared a common vision: help improve the way corrections assesses and treats the criminogenic needs of offenders. Our goal is very simple; we want to have the best assessment and case planning tools in the country. We do this by maintaining close relationships with assessment authors, using cutting edge software development practices, and most importantly, listening to our users.

Meet the team

Diana Norris


A Baylor graduate, Diana is our President, and can usually be found with a phone in her hand. We encourage her to not talk and drive.

Aaron Picton


Aaron is a refugee from the public sector and holds a BS in accountancy. We make him write the checks as a pennance.

Bryan Parke


Bryan loves Apple products, but this has nothing to do with Noble. Truth is, he writes a lot of code. He's also Ryan's uncle (but don't tell anyone!).

Colby Brown


A BSU graduate with a BS in comp-sci, Colby comes to Noble from Boise Cascade, and has a keen eye for UX. These days he keeps Bryan in check.

Mark Winterman


Mark is a senior developer who is probably off designing an extensible architecture right now. Please don't feed Mark after midnight.

Bret Coppess


Bret is our powerhouse machine. He gets so much work done, his to-do list is afraid of him. He is also a master of fly fishing.

Jeremy Carranza


Jeremy is our world-class trainer. You will most likely get to meet Jeremy in person sooner or later. He is everywhere at once.

Ryan Parke

Support Engineer

Ryan is our trilingual support engineer. He'll speak to you in just about any language, and swiftly resolve any tech issues you have simultaneously.

Brent Norris

Customer Representative

Brent is the keystone of our relationship with our customers. You will either find him with a customer report or a fish in hand.

Manisha Basavaraj

Quality Assurance

Manisha is one of the newest members of the Noble team. As such, she has the unenviable task of finding all that Bryan and Colby have broken while "fixing things."

Torrey Schwitkis

Quality Assurance

So much to test! A sunny San Diego native, Torrey knows exactly how to keep us in check with her testing skills.